A Damn Good Start

Recently, cosplayers have been posting pictures themselves with with signs that state Cosplay =/= Consent which means Cosplay does not equal consent. It is a reaction to the creepy behavior that has been plaguing the cosplay community. Unfortunately, I am not surprised this movement has taken place.

There are countless stories of cosplayers, specifically female cosplayers, being harassed and made very, very uncomfortable through behavior ranging from salacious comments that would make Howard Stern cringe to actually unwanted physical contact. Sometimes the harassment is done surreptitiously where creepers are actually taking pictures of various body parts of unknowing female cosplayers as they pose for others.

Besides being repulsive, it is quite bizarre because these pictures are just disembodied body parts. For all we know there is probably a black market where creepers trade pictures of cosplayer butts with each other.

But with every movement there comes a counter movement. There are have been some very public responses that have dismissed the cosplay =/= consent underataking as an act of an entitlement by certain cosplayers and that “they should get over themselves”. There was even one video where a cosplayer made their objections known regarding the cosplay =/= consent movement resulting in reactions from the general public that have ranged from “what the hell did I just watch?” and “Is this a unicycle? Because there is a lot of back pedaling.”

I am not a cosplayer but I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of them and interviewing them. I completely empathize with they how they feel about some of the negative attention they get at conventions and it upsets me when they are treated in that manner. Whether they are wearing a revealing costume or not, cosplayers are entitled to the same amount of respect as anyone else at a convention or anywhere else. That includes no unwanted physical contact and lecherous verbal communication. One of the counter arguments that I find quite offensive is that if a cosplayer is wearing a provocative costume then they should not be surprised with the negative reactions they receive. Regardless of how revealing a cosplayer is, no one has the right to touch, talk or act in a disrespectful manner towards them.

What is quite disconcerting it is not just female cosplayers but women in the fandom community that have had to deal with this type of unpleasantness for quite sometime.

Legendary comic book creator and graphic novelist Colleen Doran has a bunch of stories on her website which includes dealing with her own stalker.

Stalked: Someone’s Watching Redux

MY GOD! It’s full of WANK!

And there is the story of Heidi Saha who was part of the cosplay scene during the 1970’s and what she went through could be probably be construed as child exploitation.

In fact harassment of people in costume is not the exclusive domain of cosplayers. Performers acting as Disney characters have dealt with more than their fair of hazards. And sometimes they are the ones accused of causing them.

Incidents at Walt Disney World

Anime/Comic book conventions are a tremendous amount of fun. But just a like any activity involving people, there is a nefarious element that pops up. And it will always be there. But just because it shows up does not mean we have to simply accept it.

Which brings me to this famous quote from Roadhouse.

Dalton: People who really want to have a good time won’t come to a slaughterhouse. And we’ve got entirely too many troublemakers here. Too many 40-year-old adolescents, felons, power drinkers and trustees of modern chemistry.

People do not want to associate with a community that treats people, particularly women in an atrocious manner. No parent in their right mind would want their children to be involved in a community where their members experience such harsh treatment.

If the cosplay community wants to grow in a positive manner, then it needs to take proper measures to educate and to protect its members. It also has to show outsiders, particularly ones who are interested in joining their ranks, that any transgressions against their members will not be tolerated.

Cosplay =/= Consent is not the final cure but it is a damn good start.

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Review of Declan and Chang: Sweet F.A. Issue #3

The mark of a good comic book is that that you keep reading even though you are in the final throes of a cold that has been forced you to consume massive quantities of Ricola, Vitamin C and orange juice for an entire week. Declan and Chang: Sweet FA wears that mark proudly when, in my feverish haze, I cracked open the latest copy of, courtesy of the Yuan Twins.

Issue #3 starts off where the last one left off with a very upset Commander Le Bevere showing up at Declan and Chang’s doorstep with a JSCO sized army to arrest them. To complicate matters, the doorstep he shows up is a transport that belongs to Luisa and Victor.

Low on ammo after their initial encounter with the Jersey Devil, Declan and Chang have to rely on their very intimidating reputation and the ability to circumcise Commander Le Bevere with an assault rifle to escape.

Although they survive the encounter, it is not without collateral damage for Luisa and Victor. While Luisa and Victor are sent off to set up the safe house, Declan and Chang go pay a visit to Captain Roscoe, who is still recovering from his injuries from their last encounter and obviously not very happy to see them because they were the ones who put him in the hospital in the first place.

They end up recruiting/kidnapping Roscoe and with his cooperation, a plan is hatched and put into play. But the results are even more disastrous as the Final Boss officially introduces himself for the first and perhaps the last time to our heroes and their compatriots. When Doc Awesome rears his ugly robotic head, it does not bode well at all. And that’s not the only introduction being made as the issue ends with a certain scantily clad predator with a Beelzebub namesake preparing to spring upon her unsuspecting prey.

Despite a busy schedule, which has included a guest spot on Arrested Development and Raising Hope, the Yuan Twins have kept up the quality of their work. The one-liners get whipped out at a fast and furious pace combined with dynamic art which creates a tremendous amount of hilarious situations. There is also a lot of tension, some of it unexpected amongst all the characters involved which shows that The Yuan Twins have a strong hand for drama.

Every cover of Declan and Chang has featured some amazing art that has foreshadowed the story of that issue. Issue #3 is no different as it indicates that Declan and Chang will be facing overwhelming odds.

What I really enjoy about the issue #3 cover is that it follows the grand tradition of Frazetta’s Conan.

As I stated before in my last entry, the first two issues were the introduction and set up. The third issue is what I would like to call “The Chickens Come Home to Roost” issue. Consequences are felt all around from the decisions everyone has made since the beginning of the series.

The obvious is the very large set of cross hairs that are now on Declan and Chang. Commander Le Bevere, who at this point must be suffering from a serious case of buyer’s remorse from hiring Declan and Chang in addition to needing a dry pair of shorts after facing a very alive and angry Captain Roscoe who Le Bevere has been attempting to “retire” since issue #1. Speaking of Captain Roscoe, it appears that he will not have to wait very long to learn the consequences of throwing in his hand with Declan and Chang. And who could forget Luisa? An example of no good deed goes unpunished. With her husband Victor by her side, Luisa came to Declan and Chang in their time of need. Her reward is that her life is completely turned upside down and is forced to face her past and a future that was stolen from her.

What makes it all the more painful is that Chang is unable to or unwilling to reciprocate and comfort her in her time of need. In fact Luisa points out that Chang’s only form of communication is through violence and shows how dysfunctional their relationship really is. It also explains why Luisa seems to have more of a rapport with Declan.

I would like to share the following quote from Peter Chung regarding his creation Aeon Flux and the backstory.

That is the deliberate aversion to provide backstory.

Because backstory is a trap.

Ambiguous? A character in a film is not someone whose background we need to know in order to consider proceeding in a relationship with him/her.
The process of discovery IS the relationship. Explain nothing. What matters is not the names of families, how many years in the future or past. What matters is the structure, the relationship of events, the thread which allows us to accept an unlikely outcome through the carefully delineated (and orchestrated) sequence of causal progression driven by character. You can transpose a good story on any setting, any era. (Shakespeare)

They way everything is unfolding is issue # 3 is unhindered by any backstory. The reader is discovering everything about the characters and their relationships to each other due to the events that are transpiring. Even Luisa’s facing her past is not a backstory because it is not for the benefit of the reader. She is dealing with her past because Declan and Chang need a new base of operations and the home where Declan and Chang raised her is the only place that is available. There is no doubt that the reader would not be so privy to Luisa’s private thoughts if she were not put in this position.

A popular tool in storytelling is a Latin term called in medias res which means “Into the middle of things”. The AV Club used that term to describe an episode of Miami Vice episode called “No Exit” which guest starred Bruce Willis as a sadistic wife beating arms dealer. Coincidentally, this was the first episode of Miami Vice I ever saw as a kid and made me into a fan. The AV club used this episode as an example of why the series was so memorable since it utilizes in medias res presenting very little information of who, what where and why, leaving the audience to figure out what is going on.

Comic books are a perfect place for in medias res due to the limitations of the medium. Larry Hama the writer of Marvel’s GIJoe and current writer of the IDW continuation is a true master of in medias res. In the original run of Marvel’s GIJoe there was an overall continuity throughout the whole series, however, each issue was a self contained story even the ones that were part of a storyline. You could jump into any issue and still be entertained without reading previous issues or future issues. Hama would structure the story so that all the elements were already available for an entertaining experience and each issue could also serve as an introduction to the series.

One of the greatest moments in comic history was the X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga. Even to this day it influences all the current slate X-Men and X-Men related titles. The unintended consequence is the popular opinion that a reader needs to read the Dark Phoenix Saga in order to fully experience the full scope of that storyline. There are is also the popular opinion that a reader not only needs to read the X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga but also everything connected to the saga including Inferno, The first 71 issues of the first volume of X-Factor, Excalibur and anything else posted on Wikipedia. This is not a unique development. There are many comic books that are crushed under the weight of their own exposition, to the point they become convoluted and unwieldy.

This is not a criticism of the Dark Phoneix Saga, in fact it deserves all the accolades it gets because it is such a powerful touchstone in comic book history that is not surprising that it is part of the X-Men landscape. But that type of legacy can be quite burdensome and leaves little elbow room for creativity. But that’s where reboots come in. All you have to do is a pull a DC 52 and start from scratch. Or start the Ultimate line that will run separately from the Marvel Universe. Or better yet, tweak the current Marvel Universe so that it reflects the Mavel Film Universe which is what they are doing now.

The Yuan Twins so far have been able to weave a deceptively simple but what is really a complex tale and they have kept it up with issue #3. So far all three issues are serving an overall storyline where even at the third issue the Macguffin is still in play but it does not dominate the plot. But the punch line is that the each issue is a story unto itself, like Larry Hama’s work on GIJo. This is two for one approach to storytelling allows the reader to get one story per issue but altogether they also experience the overall storyline.

I keep going back to the term “organic” in describing how this whole story is unfolding and this is due in part because of the in media res approach the Yuan Twins have utilized which has allowed them a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of the storyline and character development.

Instead of backstory, what we are getting is conflict which is far more rewarding. Conflict is the engine that drives any story and issue #3 has plenty to pass around. Besides the conflicts between Declan and Chang and Doc Awesome and Commander Le Bevere and Roscoe, there is the conflict between Luisa and Chang. This could have easily gone the Dark Phoenix route however, through the use of proper panel structure, lettering, great dialogue and art, those panels instantly communicate to the reader nature of their relationship.

After reading the latest issue, I went back and reread the first two and I discovered something that was quite unsettling from the first issue that also pops up in the third issue. It is actually very minor but I am not going to mention it because if it is what I think it is, it is pretty big and also I do not want to spoil it for anyone. The possibility also looms that I am wrong, which I honestly hope I am. However, just to mess with people, I have already made reference to it in this review.

From issue #1 it was supposed to be a simple story of a heist gone wrong. Instead we have ourselves political intrigue, unresolved family issues and lots of good old fashioned 1980’s violence.

Game on Yuan Twins.

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Free Comic Book Day: Forbidden Planet NYC

On May 4th, 2013, Nerd Gig hit the streets to cover Free Comic Book Day. Overall there was a huge turnout at all the major comic book stores in Manhattan. The first comic book store I arrived at was Forbidden Planet NYC. Last year when I stopped by early in the morning, there was an impressive amount of walk in traffic but this year there was a massive line of people that did not seem to stop growing, even after the doors opened.

As always, the FPNYC Staff ran an orderly and fun event for everyone.

Forbidden Planet
832 Broadway
New York
NY 10003
United States

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Free Comic Book Day: Carmine Street Comics!

I have known Jon Gorga for the last couple of years and when I heard that he was joining forces with Michael Novo and Mike McLeroy to open Carmine Street Comics! I was overjoyed! This was a week of firsts for Carmine Street Comics! because it was not only their first Free Comic Book Day but they had just had their grand opening on May 1st.

Carmine Street Comics
34 Carmine Street
New York City, NY 10014

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Free Comic Book Day: Midtown Comics Grand Central

By the time I arrived at Midtown Comics Grand Central, there was a massive line of comic fans waiting for the store to open up. Although, I was unable to witness or document the start of the event, from past experience at their events, I have no doubt that the Midtown Comics staff took control of the situation and ensured that Free Comic Book Day would go off without a hitch.

Midtown Comics Grand Central
459 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017

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Free Comic Book Day: JHU Comics

Another stop on my Free Comic Book Day Tour was JHU Comics. This was a particularly momentous occasion for JHU Comics because it was in the same week that they had moved to their new location. There was also a massive crowd of comic fans lined up waiting for their chance to get free comic books. The JHU staff was at top form running an event that was “smooth and by the numbers”.

JHU Comics
32 East 32nd St.,
(between Madison & Park)
New York, New York

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Thoughts on Springfest 2013

So another Springfest has come and gone. This year was different then previous ones due to the fact that the Poly Anime Society [PAS] decided to step up their game and have two days of anime fun. Unfortunately, this year, Nerd Gig was only able to attend Saturday’s event, however it was an epic experience unto itself.

Highlights included the Starlight Maid Cafe which was the exclusive Maid Cafe of Springfest, guests included voice actor Bill Rogers and Mike Pollock, the cosplay contest/masquerade hosted by Uncle Yo and Mashfest made their debut at with their video game tournament. And of course more cosplayers than you can shake a stick at.

Overall, I enjoyed the convention due to the informal and relaxed atmosphere that reminded me of summer camp.

Expanding the event to two days was a very ambitious effort and the Poly Anime Society [PAS] staff went above and beyond the call of duty. In fact if you saw people with orange armbands that was actually alumni from the the Poly Anime Society [PAS]. Besides the usual suspects, I made some new friends which include the lovely Three Chic Geeks. But there were only two of them. Hmmmmm. Regardless, check out their coverage of the event. I also owe a debt of gratitude to SolidX who was there to cover the event but somehow was drafted on the spot to act as crowd control and to attempt to corral a little boy who had taken over the cosplay contest/masquerade. He was the one who led me through the quagmire of people to get my press pass. We are bros for life. Here is his coverage of the event.

I also ran into Out of Time Productions who were in guerrilla filmmaker mode with a two man crew. We swapped war stories while we waited for the cosplay contest/masquerade to start.

For the next couple of weeks expect to see more video coverage of Springfest 2013 as I churn out more footage of that event.

I am looking forward to 2014.

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What they should have done with Aliens Colonial Marines.

The last video game I played and finished was Resident Evil 3 Nemesis on the first Playstation. Yes. That was a long, long time ago. Although I thoroughly enjoyed finishing the game, it took me a whole night to finish it due to dying so many times and searching the internet for tips.

By no definition do I consider myself a gamer. However, I respect the medium and consider video games a form of art and I do enjoy watching the walkthroughs on Youtube. Which brings me to Aliens Colonial Marines.

Since the release of Aliens, the Colonial Marines have been a huge part of the Aliens mythology and has had a huge influence on generations of films, TV shows and video games. Fans would have countless deep discussions on what would unfold in the movies or games based on this group of badasses. This game was supposed to answer all the questions and fulfill the expectations for all the fans.

Upon hearing that this would be released, I was jazzed like everyone else. Then I read the reviews and after going through the walkthoughs, I can pretty much confirm the criticism regarding the game.

I highly recommend Kotaku’s coverage regarding why Aliens:Colonial Marines failed to meet expectations. It is a painful but enlightening piece of how internal politics, poor planning and a rushed production created a less than satisfactory gaming experience.

After reading the coverage and watching the walkthrough, I have come to the conclusion that there were definitely other routes the designers could have taken and the following is an examination of those choices.

Aliens: Colonial Marines should have been made into a spinoff not into a sequel. Have the game take place in the Aliens universe but not solely on LV 24 or on the Sulaco. They could have made references to it or have some stages of the game take place on those locations but to have the entire game take place on only those two locations is redundant because those locations were already covered in the movie.

Making it into a spinoff would allow the creators more freedom in creating another world while honoring the mythology. It would not be that much of a challenge to accomplish because of all the material that was available to them.

The Alien 3 screenplay by William Gibson was considered to be one of the frontrunners for the third film before being swallowed into development hell. The screenplay alone was ripe with ideas that would be perfect for a video game. For example, in the current video game, there are different types of Aliens but there is no explanation of how they were created other than the players needed variety. I am not joking. Gearbox president Randy Pitchford actually says this during the demo.

The Gibson screenplay would have presented the opportunity fill in the blanks of why these different classes of Aliens existed because in that screenplay Weyland Yutani actually gets their hands on the Xenomorphs and conducts experiments on them. Dark Horse Comics also has a ton of original Aliens comics, which include a Colonial Marines mini series, which would have provided another set of concepts for the developers to chew on. Aliens:Earth War. is another Dark Horse Comic that has an ample amount of material for a video game.

A spinoff would also allow them to be free of making endless references to the movie, which in the current game, they carpet bomb the player senseless with. And some of these references do not make any sense. For instance, there is a weapon called the “Ripley Gun” which is the weapon platform Ripley put together to rescue Newt and wipe out the Queen’s hive in the film. Having the player get this weapon makes no sense because in the storyline of the game the Marines have no idea what happened on the Sulaco and LV24 so how would they how know to call it a Ripley gun?

While we are at it, what the hell is up with the music? Could they have not sprung for an original score? What makes it even more grating is when music is cued to the action sequences. The timing feels over bearing and tedious and adds nothing to the experience. In fact, having the game devoid of any music or severely limit the music would add to the creepy atmosphere of the game. In fact the ambiance was most powerful in Cameron’s Aliens with just the sound of Colonial Marines on patrol.

In the current game, two pivotal figures show up. There is actually a reason for one of them to return because of their role in the original film, the other character comes back from the dead and there is actually pretty good explanation for their return. But honestly, they do not add anything significant to the game other than nostalgia. Their presence would have been better as cameo appearances, specifically if they appeared at the end as a cliffhanger.

The essence Aliens is that it is a survival horror film, which is the developers overlooked. What they should have done was gone back to the basics and examined the original Resident Evil video game which has the same concept of the film which is a team is sent on a rescue mission and end up fighting for their lives in a place filled with nasty surprises. That game still holds up pretty well. They should have taken the concepts that made Resident Evil so successful and implement them in Aliens: Colonial Marines including using a third person format instead of the first person shooter.

I think John Ostrander, the famous writer of Grim Jack, sums it up best.

The old stories will continue to exist somewhere; they just won’t be part of the new continuity. At some point, that new continuity will be changed as well as the concepts and characters are re-interpreted for a newer audience. That way they’ll remain fresh and alive. Otherwise, they’ll just become fossilized and dead. Who wants that?

John Ostrander: Revamp, Reinterpret, Regenerate, Reinvigorate

In the end, they should have respected continuity but not be bound by it.

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Springfest 2013: Cosplay/Masquerade Contest

The Poly Anime Society [PAS] held their annual convention Springfest this past weekend. One of the highlights of the weekend was the Cosplay/Masquerade Contest hosted by Uncle Yo. What made it so enjoyable was the unexpected arrival of The Little Rocket who blasted his way into our hearts as he staged an adorable coup d’état usurping Uncle Yo.

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Review of Bullet to the Head

On January 31st, 2013, Nerd Gig had the opportunity to see a free early screening of Bullet to the Head. I just want to thank the Gofobo team for their help. Without them the following review would not be possible.

In the first Rocky film, Rocky Balboa is a down on his luck boxer who supports himself on the side as a debt collector. Then Apollo Creed gives him the chance of a lifetime and well we know how that franchise ends.

But what if Rocky kept his job working as what Mickey referred to as “a leg breaker for some cheap second-rate loan shark”? What if the opportunity never came or worse what if Rocky gave up and decided to embark on a career as a fulltime criminal? He would probably end up like Jimmy Bobo.

Jimmy Bobo is a killer for hire who has a rap sheet as long as his kill list. After completing a hit with his partner Louis Blanchard, they await payment at a bar. When Bobo hits the head, Blanchard ends up getting hit by the mercenary Keegan with ruthless efficiency. Keegan attempts to do the same to Bobo but instead ends up running away with his tail between his legs while Bobo shoots at him. When he discovers his partner has been killed, he realizes that a double cross was put into play, which makes Bobo very unhappy.

Bobo is contacted by Taylor Kwon, a DC cop who reveals to Bobo that his last hit was Kwon’s ex-partner who was a dirty cop that got kicked off the force and Kwon has been sent by his department to find out why. Kwon makes it clear that he is aware of Bobo’s background, but his primary objective is to find the man who ordered the hit. Kwon proposes an alliance of sorts where Kwon gets his man and Bobo gets to kill the man.

It is not the easiest of arrangements since Bobo is a lifer in the wet work game, He is an old dog that can’t be taught new tricks because he knows them all. He sees all the angles and chooses the ones that suits his needs. It comes in conflict with Taylor Kown who is a by the book cop who ends up doing the right when he should be doing the smart thing.

Along the way we meet Bobo’s daughter, a med school dropout now working as a tattoo artist and shows Kwon that she still has a future as an ER doctor. She ends up becoming tangled in a web of mayhem perpetrated by a ruthless real estate developer and his henchmen.

The entire film is a two fisted, blood letting action ride. As the TV spots promise, it shows Stallone doing what Stallone does best which is beating the crap out of people and blowing them away with an assortment of firearms. Stallone’s portrayal of Bobo as a killer for hire set in his ways is a joy to watch because it is obvious that Stallone has embraced this role with great relish and is unafraid of being aware of his age. It is that enthusiasm that frees him to present a refreshing take on the hit man with a heart of gold.

Since Better Luck Tomorrow Sung Kang’s career has skyrocketed with the Fast and Furious franchise and his role in Bullet to the Head is just further evidence why he is becoming a leading man in his own right. Sung Kang plays Taylor Kwon as the straight man and it works perfectly in contrast with Stallone’s Bobo.

Sung Kang was actually a last minute addition to the film, originally Thomas Jane was cast in the cop role but was replaced by Kang. Thomas Jane ungraciously accepted this change and claimed that Kang was selected to appeal another demographic. Perhaps, but if Thomas Jane had actually watched Sung Kang’s films he would realize that Sung Kang is actually the perfect foil for Stallone.

Joel Silver was apparently responsible for this decision and after watching the movie I understand why. Jane is often cast as the brooding, serious bad ass that throws a one liner or two for comedic effect. The Stallone and Jane team up would have been too similar. Sung Kang is a perfect contrast to Stallone in terms of acting style. He’s a cool operator who gets the job done but will not throw out the rulebook. But he may bend a couple.

The chemistry between the two is fantastic. My favorite scene is when Bobo expresses his annoyance towards Kwon after discovering at a very inopportune time that Kwon had disabled his firearm. That scene alone will be on Youtube till the end of time.

As Keegan, Jason Momoa is a trip. He plays Keegan as a mercenary who not only takes pride in his work but also enjoys it. Momoa does not ham it up but it is obvious he is tickled pink to be working with Stallone which works because his character recognizes Bobo as a true professional who jumps at the opportunity to test himself against him.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Christian Slater round out the rest of the cast of baddies. Adewale’s Robert Nkomo Morel is as polite as he is vicious. He can order a man dead as easy as he smiles.

Slater’s Marcus Baptiste is a scum bag lawyer. And guess what? Baptiste loves it and has no problem showing to the world. Even after being kidnapped and duct taped to a chair, Baptiste has no problem mouthing off to Kwon. However his choice of insult needs to be updated. Calling an Asian person a Kato is a compliment because Kato is a badass. It is only after being tuned up by Bobo that Baptiste’s instincts for self-preservation kick in and does his best impersonation of Joe Valachi impression. (Google him kids). The tone of the scene switches from serious to comedic as Kwon watches in disbelief and annoyance as Bobo has more success in making Baptiste talk than he did.

And let us not forget the people behind the scenes. Walter Hill shows that he can still hold his own with the best of them. The director behind such hits as The Warriors, Red Heat and 48 Hours holds nothing back. As the master of haiku filmmaking, he goes from point A to point B in the simplest of fashion and shows his buddy cop formula chops by getting the best performances out of Stallone and Kang.

The two standouts in Bullet to the Head are Film editor Timothy Alverson who has edited an economic viewing experience that will keep you enthralled. His action scenes alone are worth the price of admission. They are dynamic, powerful and more importantly simple to watch. He was able to distill Walter Hill’s scenes into a very potent brew. The sound department led by Christopher Alba also ups the ante in amplifying the experience for the audience. You will feel every crunch of bone, every gunshot, every explosion and the shattering of glass from your seat.

If you ever wondered what would happen when two badasses attack each other with fire axes, this film will answer that question. What is particularly cool is how the fight ends. It is not something you would normally see in a Stallone action film.

Part of the reason why I enjoyed this film so much is that the film is one big inside joke. Everyone is on it and not only are they having the time of their life. They are sharing the joke with the audience.

This is a “check your brain at the door” film. It
indulges in all the clichés of the buddy cop movie genre and does so proudly.

Bullet to the Head is a bacon double chili cheese burger, with a large side of chili cheese fries and a large choclate shake. It is so bad for you but you do not care since it tastes so good going down.

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