DC Comics 52 Relaunch: Midnight Madness

When Midtown Comics announced their Midnight Madness event to celebrate the DC Comics 52 Relaunch featuring a signing by Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, I knew I had to cover it. I was also realistic with my expectations. Because of the massive crowds, I figured I would stay for an hour to get some b-roll.

I ended up staying for the whole event.

If you ever have a chance to go to an event of this magnitude at Midtown Comics, go. It is well worth it. It is a cool diverse crowd who share a love of comics. I interviewed locals from the 5 boroughs, a lovely couple from New Jersey and two brothers who drove all the way from Pennsylvania and were driving back the same night.

The following is Nerd Gig’s coverage from the event.

I also got to meet some great guys from the press corps, which included Jay Dee AKA Johnny Destructo of Aint It Cool News and Alex Zalebn who was covering the event for Newsarama and MTV Geek.
Besides interviewing the crowd, my primary goal was to get a shot of Jim Lee and Geoff Johns outside the event. They had already come out earlier to greet the line with pizza and there were rumors that they would greet the crowds again.

Filming them inside Midtown Comics was not something I saw in the cards. Then again, Lady Luck has a way of dealing you a winning hand.


This footage was made possible because Midtown and DC Comics was quite gracious in giving access to all of us on the media fringe. Even though we were second stringers they made every effort to get us inside. That shows a lot of class on their part and is quite significant because they wanted to help us and it was greatly appreciated it.

If this a sign of things to come, then I eagerly welcome the new age of the DC Comics 52 Relaunch.

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